Flora | What We Do
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Matching Makers of Beauty

with Appreciators of Beauty

Through creative process and product curation, Flora cross-pollinates enriching relationships between those who create beauty and culture and those who appreciate beauty and culture. In addition to offering custom-designed florals for boutique weddings and special occasions, Flora hand picks editions and collections from talented designers, limited-batch makers and handmade artisans of jewelry, apparel, gift items, ceramics and home textiles. Always hunting for heart connections and connective value systems, Pam is interested in collecting few-of-a-kind, conscientiously-made merchandise you want to share with people you love.


Behind Flora’s distinctive storefront and gorgeous window displays, you’ll find carefully selected, sumptuous essentials for the body, wardrobe and home that marry well-crafted functionality, superlative form and a refined sense of aesthetic.


Flora is open from 9:00 until 5:00 p.m. Monday – Friday, * Saturday from 9:00 until our day is over, sometimes that is noon, and sometimes that is 5:00…..good to call.


*During the middle of the summer when things may be quiet in the shop, we have been known to leave at 4:00 to go for a swim, and on occasion during other months if we just need to as we may be tired from our workload. But, you can count on us to check our messages early and be here to take care of you the following morning.