Flora | Valentine’s Day
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Valentine’s Day

A classic romantic gesture that’s sure to impress.

There is a $50 minimum for Valentines Day deliveries. All pre-ordered Valentines arrangements less than $50 can be picked up at Joon Bridal (1160 N College) from 8am-6pm on February 14th.

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Romance at its finest. Deep, moody hues with vibrant reds, profound purples, intense mauves, and vivid pinks. A loving gesture worthy of their gaze.


Vivid, light blooms. Pastels and soft color palettes. Ethereal, radiant, and resplendent arrangements.


Shades pulled from mother nature herself. Emerald, jade, olive, and sage shades meld with soft creams, warm golds, and earthy tones. Refined sophistication for any occasion.


Make a statement. High contrast blooms with striking shades across the spectrum. Everything from vivid pinks, plums, apricots, and golds to deep maroon, flecked eggplant, and burnt umbers.