Flora | Our Story
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Flower Farms and Foraged Fruit

Flora is a small, independently owned shop located nearly one block from the Downtown Fayetteville, Arkansas, Square. Boutique owner/stylist turned romantic farmsitter/gardener, turned floral designer/buyer, turned entrepreneurial forager/curator, Pam Pemberton has an eye for beauty, appreciation for quality and a heart for making a conscious difference.


Her “whirlwind of flower madness” began under the instruction of a larger-than-life florist named Junior and crystallized at Highland Park’s Avant Garden and Dr. Delphinium on Lovers Lane in Dallas. In 2003, there in the Arkansas woods fortuitously bloomed a few persimmon branches that, when foraged and sold for a reasonable sum, seeded Pam’s dream to open Flora’s doors in a wee storefront on Block Street that very same year.


Flora moved to its larger current space at 7 E. Mountain Street in 2010, and today Pam and her staff spend each day curating beauty and culture in the neighborhood through high-styled blooms and artisan-crafted dry goods.